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A wish upon a frill

AP x Disney Alice collaboration hair accessories and an Alice ring from Japan’s Disney store. Couldn’t resist these, I have a soft spot for Alice!

Today’s outfit for shopping!

BTSSB’s red riding hood one piece. I’ve really been into fairytale theme lately!

I got a BJD! Her name is Selia♪ I got her last month and finally yesterday received her clothes so I decided to snap a few pictures. Isn’t she precious?

My new Promenade de Paris skirt and a “French girl” themed outfit to go with it♪ I’m really happy with how the outfit turned out, I hope I’ll be able to wear it again on a cooler day!

ETC skirt found at Closet Child Harajuku. I’m really happy I found it, the color and pattern are really cute.


I made a new charm for my favourite bag

Emily Temple Cute’s Cupcakes & Cutlery series skirt, found in Closet Child Harajuku. I love the soft yellow color - together with the print I think it makes this skirt look slightly antique-ish, don’t you think?

Got these two lovely pairs of Liz Lisa shoes a few months ago♥ Now I have them in three colors! :D They’re definitely my favourite shoes - cute, but not childish and quite comfy, too.

Look at the super cute packaging of this cream! +_+

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